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Turing Vision Platform Intro
Learn How Turing Vision Can Help Transform Your Safety and Security

What We'll Cover:
Turing Vision is the industry-leading safety and security video platform. Turing Vision is smart, cloud-based and has flexible integration with new and existing IP cameras. In this webinar, we'll demonstrate to you how with Turing Vision, you can find, capture, and send security clips in 3 lightning steps.
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Joe Hess
Managing Director @Turing AI
For more than a decade, Joseph Hess has been a noteworthy leader in the VSaaS and Direct-to-Consumer sales space. Whether it’s his work at Tesla managing more than 150 employees and multiple divisions, or his leadership of sales teams in emerging markets, Joseph’s focus is to connect customers with superior security products, and to help them understand and implement key product features to keep their businesses safe.